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How to conduct a snagging survey when buying a house

Professional inspecting a new property.

Thoroughly inspecting or surveying a new home is an essential step for buyers – and it’s key to do it before you sign any paperwork. Knowing as much information about the current condition of the property saves you from making bad investments.

However, it’s not always easy to spot defects or snags, especially if you’re not an expert yourself.…

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Where To Stay During Home Renovation

You finally got the resources and time to make the home improvements you have been planning but postponing, or maybe you’re about to have a new home, at Strong Move, we know how stressful that can moving anxiety be.…

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Moving With Pets – How to Make the Move Less Stressful

You’ve found a new beautiful house in a lovely neighbourhood, close to a good school and your workplace, but you are also a pet owner, and on top of all relocation-related tasks, you need to think about not stressing your beloved pet along the way. Every minor disturbance in a pet’s environment can make it anxious.…

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How to Move a Mattress

hot to move a mattress

When it comes time to move to a new place, you must be prepared for the many challenges ahead, even more so if you plan to do the moving on your own. When you start moving furniture and personal belongings out of the bedroom, you will need to find a safe and convenient way to move the mattress as well.

Moving a mattress doesn’t take much time, but you will undoubtedly need strength and good preparation.…

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Moving With Your Pet Bird


When it comes to relocating, you are preparing yourself at least a week before your moving date, but the last thing you need to pay the most attention to is your pet bird. Moving with a pet bird is not as hard as it sounds. There are just a few things you need to know to be prepared. 

Check with Your Veterinarian

A month before your relocation, take your beloved pet bird to the vet and consult about their health problems and mental condition.…

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How to Feng Shui Your New Home

feng shui home

Everybody wants peace and harmony in their house and all in all, just a nice place to live. If you are moving into a new house, or you want to freshen up your home, why not follow the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui. The main aim of this practice is to feel connected to your home, using life force energy to harmonise with the surroundings.…

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How to Defrost a Freezer Before Moving


When the time for moving comes at one point, you’ll have to pack the kitchen and movе the appliances. One place to start can be the fridge freezer. Moving it can be a tough and heavy job. Not only because you’ll need help to move it, but fridges are actually very delicate and dealing with them incorrectly can cause a lot of damage.…

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How to Pack up a Bedroom


Packing up the bedroom is one of the most stressful steps in moving. It is recommended to start with smaller items like clothing, bed linens and photos. Then there are bigger ones like mattresses, bed frames and drawers that can take most of your time.  With many personal items kept in the bedroom, the room has to be packed. …

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Moving to Europe after Brexit

the UK's and EU's flags together for post Brexit regulations

Source: Pixabay

Moving to Europe after Brexit will be considerably more complicated and costly. Visa applications will now be mandatory for stays of more than three months. Moving abroad after Brexit is a big deal. For many people, it’s the biggest adventure of their lives. Whether you’re moving for living and working abroad or pleasure, relocating to Europe can be a daunting prospect.…

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Tips When Moving Heavy Furniture Yourself

storing furniture

Moving heavy furniture can be tricky, especially when you’re moving it yourself. No matter where you are moving your household items, whether it’s into self-storage or straight to your new home, it is guaranteed that you’ll have to move furniture and many of them.

From smaller items like chairs and stools, drawers and dressers, to large bulky pieces like sofas, beds and dining tables.…

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