Country Life vs City Life

There’s been a world-old debate about which is better living in the city or living in the countryside. Everyone feels comfortable in a certain environment. Some prefer to live in the capital of their country, others rather live in smaller cities, there are people who can only live in the countryside and would feel terrible in the crowded city.… read me

Low-stress Decluttering Tips for Low-cost House Moving

If you’ve ever thought to yourself “I need to declutter the house” but never actually came through with it, moving your house is the ideal time to get it done. You have to examine all of your belongings anyway and have to get them out of their places, nooks and crannies. …

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How to pack a suitcase: 10+ tips for space-saving packing.

packing a suitcase Image source: Unsplash Packing shouldn’t be a stressful thing to do. Regardless of what you’re packing – a suitcase for a holiday weekend, a long break, for a work trip or for moving house, it should be associated with positive events or near-future adventures. That’s why we’ll present you with a long list of tips and hacks for packing your suitcase for travelling or any other packing you might need to do in your life. … read me

List of Things to Consider When Moving to London: Costs, Tips, Questions and Answers.

Moving to London.

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5 Golden Rules for Better Office Removals Planning

Relocating your company is always a significant investment in time and money. You should never underestimate the resources and the time an office removal process can take. That’s why planning the move is vital part on which you should focus. Luckily we could help you – just follow these rules to help your move go as smoothly as possible.…

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Leaving The UK To Live Abroad: What You Need To Know And Do

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Storing Furniture: Tips for Long-term Storage and Preservation

Storing furniture doesn’t seem like a complicated job at all… unless you have to do it. Then you start thinking and planning ways to put away your furnishings the right way. First, come the questions – “Which storage service should I choose?”, “How long do I need to put away my stuff?”, “Do I need to put everything away?” Then come questions such as “How do I prepare the furniture to be stored away for a long time?”, “Do I even need to prepare them?”, “How do I arrange them in the storage container?”, “Will I be able to get something from the storage before the period is over?”read me

How to store clothes: long-term and short-term

packing and storing your clothes

How to store clothes properly?

Proper storage of any kind of items consists of the proper packing, arranging in the storage area, and in the environment. For example, is there moisture, is it windy, is it hot and dry, do rodents or bugs have easy access to the items, is there a danger of floor.… read me

Mattress Storage: How to Prepare and How to Store a Mattress Correctly

Good sleep begins with your mattress. Having a proper mattress will help your body relax and help you get a good restful sleep. Not enough sleep or lack thereof can cause a lot of health problems, psychological problems, anxiety, depression, etc. Buying a good mattress is not a small investment. With the proper care, your mattress will last you up to 15 years.… read me

Moving to University: What You Need to Take and How to Get Ready to Move Out

Moving to university in the UK

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Are you excited about this new chapter of your life? Have you been working hard all year to get the grades, to take all exams with the highest scores? Did you get accepted to your dream university? Great for you and Congratulations! Your work isn’t over yet…read me