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Country Life vs City Life

city life vs country life

Last Update: 31.03.2022

There‚Äôs been a world-old debate about which is better – city life or country life. Everyone feels comfortable in a certain environment. Some prefer to live in their country’s capital, while others live in smaller cities. Some people can only live in the countryside and would feel terrible in a crowded city.…

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Living in Stoke Newington

uk house

In the past, Stoke Newington used to be one of the bad areas in London, where you wouldn’t spend your free time. But after the nineties, when all the restaurants, boutiques and delis started popping up, living in Stoke Newington became prefered over other areas in North London. Stokie (the informal name for Stoke Newington) is generally recognized as the N16 postcode area, although N16 also includes Stamford Hill and Shacklewell).…

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