Еuropean Removals by Experienced Professionals

European moving is a difficult task, but you can trust the Strong Move with the job.

  • Reliable professional teams
  • 24/7 Support centre
  • Flexible slots for removals
  • Additional services are available

Whether you are moving out of the country to follow your career and dreams or you are a student going to study abroad, we've got you covered. To move is not an easy decision to take, especially moving abroad, and neither is the entire moving process. Unless you do it the smart way!

Luckily for you, as a long-time operating removals company in London, we've helped many people move overseas and have the knowledge and experience to help you, too.

European removals are something that you need to leave to professional packers and movers. And rest assured that you'll have a stress-free house move. What we offer is to leave all of the work to us. While we can't help you organise your legal documents, we are the one-stop shop for your packing needs and relocation.

Strong Move can offer you a helping hand with your European moving. You can leave the heavy tasks to the trained movers.

  • FULL SERVICE - We can do the packing, loading & unloading.
  • ATTRACTIVE PRICES - We offer competitive prices and free no-obligation quotes.
  • SAFE TRANSPORTATION - We can arrange for removals to any of the 28 countries in the EU.
  • SUPPLEMENTARY SERVICES - We also offer storage, end of lease cleaning, packing, etc.

What's included in our price?

  • We will provide the packing materials - boxes, stretch wrap, packing paper, etc. The movers will then load the Luton van with all of the boxes and arrange them in a safe way.
  •   When they arrive at their destination, they will unload the truck and bring the boxes into your new home. The team will bring blankets to cover your pieces of furniture during transportation.
  •   For your European move, we can arrange for a video survey in order to give you the most accurate quote. It's easy, it's quick, and helps prevent unpleasant surprises when the movers arrive on-site.
  •   How is the service priced? You will need to have a surveyor come and inspect how much there is to pack and load on the van. You will need to provide information about where you will be relocating to. Mention to the surveyor when exactly will you need your belongings at your new destination. He will explain to you the process and give you an adequate quote on-site.
K. Shaw
I used your company to help me move and clean up after I moved out because my landlord said I had to deal with the end of tenancy cleaning. I don't have any complaints. Everything
Y. Docherty
Booking a removals service from Strong Move was the best decision I have ever made. Everyone at the company was polite and helpful and the moving day went smoothly as I was hoping
E. Dale
Affordable service, easy booking, quick and handy movers. The team was on time, they packed everything and loaded the truck carefully and with ease. Their professionalism was evide
A. Blake
Great man and van service! Thanks to Strong Move and their strong movers my moving was as easy as pie! I really enjoyed working with them. They were friendly throughout the entire
A. Spencer
Quick and professional! The easiest move I have ever experienced. Very easy to book as well. The guys were very kind and professional. They were careful with my items - really appr
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Strong Move is a well-known London removals company, and we can undertake your European removals job as well. Skilled and experienced movers will be responsible for the careful handling of your belongings. We take pride in providing trustworthy and convenient domestic removals services to people in and around London, so we can promise you that you will be in good hands.

What we are offering you:

  • We will be there for you from the beginning until the end. When your moving day arrives, the movers will come to pack all of your items, load them onto the van and head straight to the new address, and unload.
  • Reliable and safe transportation to all countries in the EU. See the countries in the European Union.
  • You can have peace of mind with the scheduling. We have flexible working hours and will make time to work around your schedule. We can start work early in the morning, late in the evening, and we work on bank holidays and weekends.

Who can take advantage of this service:

  • Students moving to the UK or moving out of the UK; You may also want to check out our end of tenancy cleaning service.
  • Offices, businesses, corporations that are looking for office removals to other countries in the EU.
  • Residential customers who are moving houses for one reason or another

Germany - If you want to start a new life in Germany, we can help you undertake this journey. Strong Move can assure you that the movers will make the process easier. We know that moving can be extremely stressful to you, and you can rest assured that a professional removals service will take care of the packing, loading, transporting and unloading of your belongings.

France - If France has got your heart and your wish to begin a new chapter of your life there, our European removal service will help with that. Whether you have too many or too few belongings that you want to take with you, we are ready to act. We will make sure they arrive safely at your new home in France.

Spain - If your work is sending you to Spain for a long period of time, you can trust our movers. If there's a need, a surveyor will come and determine the type of service and van that you will need and give you a reasonable quote for the job.

Netherlands - Did you spend a week in the Netherlands and loved it? When you are planning a move to another country, you can rely on Strong move to help. There are simply too many things for you to handle document-wise. Spare yourself some time and effort and leave the tough job to professional movers. High-quality packing materials guarantee the safe arrival of your belongings to the Netherlands.

Strong Move can help you with your relocation from the UK to another European country. Thanks to our trusted professionals your move will be effortless. Your personal belongings will be taken good care of during the entire moving process. The teams are there to help make your relocation easier for you.

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