Hire a reliable furniture pick-up and delivery service and have your new furniture delivered to your home!

  • Convenient delivery hours
  • Prompt and insured furniture courier service
  • It can be combined with furniture assembly

Bought something from IKEA or another furniture store and need to fetch it from the other end of the city. Our furniture pickup and delivery service in London is the ideal choice! We can easily send one of the delivery vans with a team of up to three strong movers, depending on your purchase. Whenever you require the help of a furniture courier in London, be sure that we’ll happily transport your items safely and securely, so you don’t need to worry.

We offer you a simple and quick booking, and professional movers will take it from there. Strong Move deals with many furniture deliveries, and all vans are equipped with security ropes and blankets to protect your furniture. It doesn’t matter if the furniture is flat-packed or not, the movers will handle them carefully and deliver them to your doorstep safely and soundly.

Even if you think that flat packs are easy to carry because they are separated, and you carry them box by box, they are still heavy and moving them on your own can end badly if you are not strong enough or have experience. Experienced movers will take this back-breaking task from your hands and bring the packages from the store to your home. You will have to open the doors for them and guide them around the apartment. It doesn’t sound that dangerous, right?

  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT – Around-the-clock support via chat, phone, email, and a contact form.
  • APPEALING PRICES – Convenient and competitive prices plus FREE quotes.
  • CONVENIENT SLOTS – The teams have flexible work hours. They work 7 days a week and on bank holidays.
  • ENSURED SERVICE – The furniture from your shopping list will arrive safe and sound in your home.
M. House
Great removals service! The guys worked very hard and professional, the whole movement was a piece of a pie for them, although there were 2 different places for picking up some ite
L. Allen
I got a new wardrobe from IKEA, which I hoped to assemble myself. Well, it turned out I couldn't manage it. As I used them before for some removals, I remembered they do assembly t
R. Jones
I booked with Strong Move and had a nice cup of tea as I gave out the instructions and watched the lads dexterously pack and load everything. The whole load arrived intact, the pri
P. Jenkins
The movers came with a van, just big enough for all of our stuff. We were not the most accessible customers, and there was a certain amount of disagreement, but in the end, Strong
S. Hall
A load of furniture was quite extensive, and it took the team several hours just to it all up on the truck. Of course, they also made sure our things were packed safely for the tri
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Whenever and wherever you need furniture collection in London, we’ve got the solution. After you’ve confirmed everything with our team, including your quoted price, we’ll get ready to work!

  • You buy your furniture online.
  • Send us copies of the confirmed order and invoice in pdf.
  • You should call the store and ensure they have all the items in stock.
  • We sent a team to the local furniture store to pick up your items.
  • The team loads the boxes and transports them to your home.
  • Per your request, they can assemble the pieces in your house.

* Please note that we do NOT purchase the furniture for you. We will only collect them from the store and deliver them to your home.

If you find yourself with a pile of empty boxes and wrappers from the furniture you’ve unpacked, you can also tell us you want rubbish removal, and the strong movers will throw away the packaging when leaving your home.

Our furniture collection and delivery service are designed for you. You’ll be able to easily collect and safely transport all kinds of furniture and other items, such as mattresses or office appliances, to your home or workplace. You can book it as a separate service, but you can also combine it with a house removal service, and professionals will be there to help you throughout the entire move. Here’s how our furniture transport works:

  • A London furniture courier will arrive at your starting location and park in the space that you’ve arranged for us.
  • One of the experienced team members will come and survey your furniture, confirming how we will handle it.
  • You’ll sit back and relax while we take apart your furniture and then load it securely.
  • We drive to your destination using the fastest route indicated by our GPRS systems.
  • Take advantage of our professional flat-pack furniture assembly and enjoy your sturdy and stylish furniture without the hassle of putting it all together yourself after the delivery.
  • You may be charged upon booking or any time before the service begins, depending on the payment option of your choice.

Keep in mind that we can help you with furniture pickup and delivery for small furniture items and a lot of furniture for your living room, bathroom, or kitchen. Contact Strong Move for a sofa delivery, mattress pick up, and delivery of any other type of furniture – we can transport IKEA flat packs, assembled furniture, rattan furniture, garden & office furniture and more straight to your property in London.

We’ve designed a whole range of services to help with moving. Why not use our packing services or our storage solutions to ease the strain? We’ll offer you super savings when you combine and book them simultaneously. You don’t want to deal with the mess that’s left after the furniture has been unpacked? Book a simple rubbish removal service, and we’ll take care of it for you!

You can also check out our furniture storage service if you need a place to keep your old furniture before deciding what to do with them. Flat-packed furniture is easier to load and transport in the van as they are laid down and cannot be damaged during transportation. But don’t worry, if your furniture is not flat packed and are big sturdy pieces that have to be straight up, the vans are equipped with straps and blankets to hold your expensive furniture and protect them while in the van. We’ve got you covered! No need to worry about the safety of your furnishings.

Strong Move helps people with their house removals and office removals in and outside of London and even with their post-tenancy cleaning needs. You can rest assured that your furniture will be handled by professionals.

We’ve been collecting and delivering items across the local area for over ten years, so with us, your furniture will be in safe hands.

The teams have experience in carrying the furnishings of entire rooms and houses. And the vans are quite large, and many items can fit. Living room furniture, kitchens, bedroom furniture, and more are not easily lifted and carried around. Leave the heavy lifting to professional furniture couriers. You can combine the delivery with our furniture assembly service and have the items delivered and assembled quickly and effectively, with no effort on your part.

Call us on 020 3746 2535 or request a free quote via the button below!

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Frequently asked questions

Can you help me assemble the furniture?

Of course! You can combine furniture collection and delivery with our flat-pack furniture assembly service.

Can the furniture be delivered on the same day?

Invoices must be received before services can be performed. Once we receive payment confirmation, we will send a team to collect the furniture. This usually takes at least 48 hours.

How long will it take to assemble IKEA furniture?

A professional will usually need 40 minutes to construct a single desk, wardrobe, or any IKEA unit, but it may take 2-3 hours, depending on how complex the item is.