How to Move a Mattress

hot to move a mattress

When it comes time to move to a new place, you must be prepared for the many challenges ahead, even more so if you plan to move on your own. When you start moving furniture and personal belongings out of the bedroom, you will need to find a safe and convenient way to move the mattress as well.

Moving a mattress doesn't take much time, but you will undoubtedly need strength and good preparation. For that, you can follow the helpful tips we have prepared and ease the process as much as possible.

How to Move a Mattress 

To make the moving process a lot smoother, we suggest you go through the following steps: 

  • Call a friend for help to make the moving process easier. Unless you have a dolly at your disposal, moving a mattress all by yourself can be a real pain. 
  • Have a clear path and route to the transporting vehicle. Clear any items in the way, and make enough space for everyone and the mattress to pass. Open all the doors in advance wide enough so that everyone can go through.
  • It will be for the best if you have a plastic mattress cover for moving ready. To pack a mattress properly, lean it against the wall. Slide the mattress cover over, and pull it down on the ground. Tape the opening shut, and you'll be ready to go! That will keep the mattress clean and protect it from damage.
  • When lifting the mattress, try to use your leg power to protect your back. With one person on each side, grab the bottom corners, and lift the mattress together.
  • If you have a suitable moving vehicle, like a moving van or a truck, at your disposal, clear the interior and push down or remove the seats for additional cargo space.
  • When loading the mattress onto the vehicle, it would be best to lay it flat, but don't put anything on top of it. If that's not an option, lean the mattress on its side against the wall. Have it well placed and secured by using ropes or ratchet straps.

How to Transport Your Mattress With a Car

The most important thing here is how secure the mattress is. If you are moving a mattress with a car that has a luggage rack, it has to be laid flat on top of it. Wrap the mattress with ropes or ratchet straps horizontally across the centre, back and front, and tie it to the wrack. If you don't have a roof rack for your car, lay the mattress flat on the car roof and, again, secure it with ropes or ratchet straps. In this case, you'll need to pass the ropes through the front and back passenger door jams, back passenger windows, and back up to the roof, securing it to the car.

You must ensure that the mattress is well-secured, tied down, and does not interfere with the driver's visibility. A loose mattress, or one that covers any of the car's mirrors or windows, can cause a serious accident on the road. Double-check the mattress from time to time to see if the knot has not loosened. Also - make sure to drive slowly, and avoid making any sudden stops.

How to Move a King-Size Mattress 

Moving a king-size or a queen-size mattress is not much different from moving a smaller one, but it is a bit more complicated due to their size:

  • Remove any furniture from the way to have more space. Take any decorations and pictures off the wall so that nothing gets broken.
  • When dealing with an extra size mattress, you'll need more space for it to go through the hallway and the doors. Take the mattress measurements, the staircase, or any other place you'll need to go through. At the same time, since it was able to enter the bedroom the first time, it is unlikely to be a problem to go out the same way.
  • Don’t move the kingsize mattress by yourself - it's not a job for one. That can lead to physical injuries. You need someone to help with the heavy lifting. 
  • If the bed mattress has to go through a staircase, you'll need 2 or 3 people to help out. Have the stronger ones at the bottom, taking most of the weight. Whether you need to move the mattress downstairs or up the stairs, the heavier part will always be on the bottom side. Have a family member around when going through tight corners to help bend the mattress and navigate the others.
  • If you get stuck or are in a tuff spot, don't try to force the mattress out. Move back a little bit and reevaluate the situation.

You can move a mattress on your own only when you want to push it to the next room. For that, you can use an old blanket to drag it to the designated place and not harm the mattress.

Can You Fold a Mattress?

It depends on the type and size of the mattress. Some types, like latex or memory foam mattresses, can be folded or bent. Even then, it must be for a short time, so make sure not to store them like that. Inform yourself whether the manufacturer recommends such actions so that the mattress is not ruined.

Before folding or bending the mattress in two, put it in a plastic bag. Then use some ratchet straps to tighten it up even more. This way, it will be easier to carry and take up less space.

Many manufacturers warn against folding a mattress in half. For some types, such as a pocket sprung mattress, the coils are more than likely to get damaged. Most mattresses are heavy or oversized and simply can't bend in half.

Hire a Professional Moving Company to Help You Out

Moving a mattress is difficult, not just because of its weight but also its size. Even with the help of friends, it can take a lot of energy to move, let alone try to deal with it on your own. That being said, some things are better left in the hands of professionals. This is where Strong Move comes in and saves the day. We offer affordable home removal services, which can make your moving process go faster and smoother, giving you more time for the important things - like rearranging your new bedroom! So - don't waste time trying to move a whole mattress yourself and book us for the job!  


  • Always move a mattress with a friend. They will help you with the heavy lifting
  • The mattress should be well secured when moving with a car
  • When moving a king-size mattress, you’ll need more friends and clear more space for it to go through
  • Not all mattresses can fold – it really does depend on the size and material

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