Frequently Asked Questions about our Removals Services

If you are planning to hire a removal company and you ask yourself many questions about the whole process – we are here to help. We decided to gather the most frequently asked questions we receive about any of our removal services.

If something is missing from our moving FAQ – don’t hesitate to email us at, call us or use our form to contact us.

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How do you price a service?
Our moving services are calculated by the hour.

Who is responsible for arranging parking at the removal locations?
Our clients are responsible for arranging or covering parking while we are working for them.

Do you do same-day services? Can I move my house over the weekend, overnight or on bank holidays?
Yes, depending on how busy we are. Yes, our removal services can be booked for every day of the week at any time. We are working on bank holidays too. Keep in mind that there is an extra fee for working overnight (after 19:00).

Do you offer Storage?
Yes, we do! It is calculated on a weekly basis. More about our storage service in London.

Can you do overseas moves?
Yes, we do! We can help you move to any country in the European Union. You can check out our European Removals page for additional information.

Can you send just one man and I will help?
We can, but we avoid it as it is not safe, only for rare cases with really small items.

What size of van will I need? How many men will I need to do my move?
The van size you need depends on what you need to move. When booking a removal, you will be asked for some details about the items you need to be relocated. Based on that information – we, the removal company, send the most appropriate van so all of your belongings fit in it. For bigger moves (3+ bedrooms) – a removals survey is carried out, so it could be calculated what you will need. Depending on your needs, the number of items you need to relocate, and your schedule/needs, the removal crew could be up to three men. Our man and van team will provide you with a sufficient number of movers based on the job.

When can we contact to book a service?
Our Lines are open 24/7, so you are free to contact us virtually at any time.

What is the latest we can start?
We are flexible on that – but for late working time, an extra fee applies (after 7 pm).

How can I pay? When do I have to pay?
We accept credit card payments. For Corporate clients or Agencies, we can offer Bank transfers as well. You pay upon booking or some time before the service begins.

Where is the team coming from (are you local)?
Our head office is in Central London – near London Bridge, but we have moving teams based all over the city.

Does the price include boxes and packing?
We can provide boxes and packing materials for an extra fee. We also offer packing and unpacking services for extra time, payable at preferential rates. You can see our removals prices.

Can I book just box delivery without packing?
Yes, we offer box delivery both as a single service and as part of the relocation process – box delivery, packing & removals. Keep in mind that when hiring us for box delivery, there’s a minimum of 15 boxes!

Can you handle big pieces of furniture – sofas, bed, wardrobes, pianos, safes?
Yes, we do that. For really heavy items and higher floors, some extra fees will apply due to the specifications of the work.

Do you dismantle the furniture and put them back up?
All of the Moving Teams are trained and equipped with the necessary tools to help with basic furniture assembly and disassembly.

Does your insurance have limits for each item? Are you fully insured?
Our Insurance is a package for the whole move, there is no restriction for single items. Yes, our removal service is fully insured for all of your stuff! Remember that your belongings should be packed by us for that, as otherwise, we cannot guarantee the items are packed properly for the relocation process.

Can customers travel with you in the van? What about pets?
Sorry, but we’re obliged by UK law not to take passengers in our vehicles. If you have a special pet carrier, we can find a good place for your precious one on board our van.

Can you handle various art and antique objects?
Yes, this is our newest service. We are capable of handling the relocation of art and antiques with care.

Do you provide consultation on-site (viewing)?
Yes, we do. We also offer a new and better way for viewings – Video Surveys. You need only a mobile device or tablet with a camera. There’s no need for a person to come on-site, it can all be done in under 10min via your phone. Call us and schedule a video survey now.

What if I need to cancel a service?
Bookings can be cancelled free of charge with just 48 hours’ notice.

Can I get packing materials from you and pack my items by myself? Is there a minimum quantity if you want to get packing materials from you?
Yes, you can, but remember that the boxes shouldn’t be heavier than 40-45lbs (20kg). This way is easier to carry the boxes, whether you use our removals services or if you are moving! Yes there is, 15 packing boxes are the minimum quantity.

Is it possible the packing to be done before the moving day?
In most of the cases, it’s recommended to pack prior to the moving day. The exception is small moves when everything can be done in one day.

How long does it take to move house?
There are many factors on which depends the time for any house removal service. Our staff will calculate the estimated time based on the number of your belongings that will be moved plus the travel distance to the destination point. There are also other factors that affect the time needed for the move, like parking. As close, as the van is to the load/unload point – as faster, the job will be finished.

Do you move pianos? What is the size of your vans?
We have the equipment, vans, and men with experience in moving pianos (excluding royals).

  • Transit Vans (approx. cargo space dimensions: 3.3 m deep, 2 m tall, 1.8 m wide)
  • Luton Vans (approx. cargo space dimensions: 4 m deep, 2.2 m tall, 2 m wide)

What are we NOT allowed to move or store?
Please bear in mind that we are not allowed to move items which are: dangerous or hazardous materials, stolen and illegal goods, perishable, environmentally harmful or explosive goods, any type of drugs, bio-hazardous items and poisons, weapons and firearms.

Is the storage service insured? Will my items be safe in the facility?
Yes, against fire, theft and destruction of an entire container with limited coverage.

Can I add more items to my storage container?
Of course, simply give us a call and arrange for another storage container.

Do you deliver furniture other than IKEA’s?
Currently no. We only deliver from IKEA stores within M25.

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