We can help you with your commercial storage needs in London! Feel free to call us and arrange the storage for your business items.

Business Storage in London for Small and Large Organisations

In case you need to store some equipment or goods for a while, be it while relocating or refurbishing your place of business, Strong Move can help you with reliable business and commercial storage services. When the time comes, we will send a crew to collect the things you need to store. They will be taken to a guarded storage facility where they can stay for as long as you need.

In the meantime, you can run the errands of your business knowing that your movables are in safe hands. When you're done, simply tell us and you will have the things you're storing delivered to any address you wish.

With us, you can count on smooth, secure and hassle-free business storage solutions, which include constant CCTV surveillance and a protective, damp-proof environment of the appropriate temperature. Furthermore, you can combine more than one service and save time and resources, whether you wish us to dispose of furniture you no longer need or help you relocate your business altogether while arranging for only certain items to be put into storage.

Why choose Strong Move for your commercial storage in London? While we offer our customers secure European removals, we are also offering them safe and reliable storage facilities for their needs. Well, here are the five aspects that make our services the right choice.

Top 4 Reasons to Choose Business and Commercial Storage With Us


Depends on teams’ availability.


Ask our phone operators for a discount.


Your items are sealed in damp-free containers.


A team can pack, transport and unload the items into the storage containers.

When You Should Turn To Us for Help:

Relocating your business?
You’re moving your business elsewhere and we can help you do that as smoothly as possible. But say, your new premises is not quite ready to “have” you and the old property needs to be vacated now. Worry not, because we can store all your furniture and equipment securely for as long as you wish and deliver them to the new location in time for the grand reopening. Together with the commerecial removal you can book storage.

Renovating your premises?
It may prove more of a headache to refurbish your business place while trying to go around half-covered furniture and equipment. Not to mention the potential risk of those suffering some damage. So, choose our cost-effective commercial storage solutions, which may be more worthwhile to you in the long run. Our services are fully insured, so you need not worry about a thing.

Closing down your practice?
Be it a medical, dental or solicitor’s practice that you’re closing down, help is at hand! We can pack, load and store your valuable equipment, furniture, IT devices and so on into a protective storage environment, long- or short-term. This way, you’ll reduce the stress level of terminating your professional activities by having the worry about your valuable practice movables out of the equation, at least for a while.

Downsizing your enterprise?
Closing a branch or moving your restaurant business to a smaller, cafe-sized space? Or moving your office to a smaller premise? And finding it hard to sell fast any of your extra pieces of equipment and furnishing? Then, we’ve got you covered. Just book our business storage service in London and we’ll place all your stuff into a secure storage facility until you find the right buyer.

Running an online business?
There are various types of online businesses, of course. In our experience, however, many budding but savvy entrepreneurs choose to store their goods in a safe storage place nearby. If this works better for your business, just give us a call and we’ll take your new delivery of stuff off your hands and store the items securely until you shift your old stock, first. After all, why clutter your damp garage and entice any rodents with your goods?

Be sure to check out our storage services prices!

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  • 5 star review  Booking a removals service from Strong Move Removal Company was the best decision I made. Everyone in the company was polite and helpful and the moving went smoothly as I was hoping for. I'd give them the highest rating - five stars - even though they deserve much more!

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  • 5 star review  I used your company to help me move and clean up after I moved out because my landlord said I had to deal with the end of tenancy cleaning. I don't have any complaints. Everything the technicians did was ok. The cleaning also was successful as my landlord called to thank me for arranging it and said he was pleased with the results. So I wanted to come and thank you for everything you did for me and making my moving out super easy.

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  • 4 star review  Affordable service, easy booking, quick and handy movers. The team was on time, they packed everything and loaded the truck carefully and with ease. Their professionalism was evident from their skillful and light-footed steps. I would use their services again and would definitely recommend them. They offer everything one might need when relocating, but it's not the cheapest service.

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  • 5 star review  Great man and van service! Thanks to Strong Move and their strong movers my moving was as easy as pie! I really enjoyed working with them. They were friendly throughout the entire process. I'd totally recommend them. I even arranged them to pick up and deliver the new furniture to our new house. Superb service! And the five stars award go to Strong Move Removal Company!

    thumb Adam B.

Reduce the Stress With Our Business Storage Services in London

Why entrust your commercial storage needs to Strong Move? It’s simple. We’re as flexible as possible when it comes to making sure that your IT equipment, goods, shop furniture, etc. are collected and transported securely to a storage facility on any day that you want during the week. This applies, providing that you schedule your service in due time, however, we are often able to assist our customers as early as the next day. Keep in mind that to get your items out of the storage, you need to give us at least 72 hours notice.

And that’s not all, you can also extend the duration of the service or book additional storage space. Just give us a notice and we’ll organise the delivery of your business movables to the desired address. Get in touch with us soon.