Save money on rent with a safe and reliable student storage service in London!

  • 4 weeks free-of-charge
  • Long-term and short-term storage available
  • Professional handling of your personal belongings
  • Keeping your items in CCTV-monitored storage containers

As a student who is probably far away from home, moving from one accommodation to another is probably a tremendous hassle for you. When you need to store your belongings in-between relocation (or any other reason), you can rely on Strong Move. Take advantage of our student storage in London. We will send a crew to pick up your things and take them to a safe secure storage facility.

We understand that this can be a stressful experience for you so we will make sure to minimise the nuisances as much as possible. Be it just a few boxes with belongings, some household goods, or maybe something delicate like musical instruments and artwork, rest assured we will treat everything with utmost care. And when the time comes for you to get your stuff back, you will have everything delivered to your address.

Furthermore, our student storage solutions are designed to keep your possessions safe, and in an affordable manner so that you don’t have to spend far more on accommodation that will be left unused for a while. With Strong Move, you can also focus on studying for your final exams, while we handle your possessions and storage needs, instead of wasting time and effort convincing your mates to help you out.

  • SIMPLE & FAST BOOKING – This can be done with one simple phone call or filling out our contact form.
  • BUDGET-FRIENDLY OPTIONS – We have special discounts, ask your phone operator.
  • STRESS-FREE REMOVALS AND STORAGE – The movers load everything and safely transport it to the warehouse.
  • SECURE STORAGE CONTAINERS – The containers are made from thick wooden boards and are damp-proof.
  • TRANSPARENT PRICING POLICY – Insurance is included in the price.
  • DURATION OF YOUR CHOICE – You can use the storage long or short term.
  • TOP-LEVEL SECURITY – The containers are sealed and the warehouse is under 24/7 CCTV monitoring.
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Quick and professional! The easiest move I have ever experienced. Very easy to book as well. The guys were very kind and professional. They were careful with my items - really appr
B. Chester
Really reliable service. The packing materials that were delivered by Strong Move did a perfect job! After a short talk on the phone with one of their customer service representati
J. Potter
I called Strong Move, and I'm more than happy with their work. The movers came right on time and they were very polite. Told me they will take care of everything and they did. Arri
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The firm turned out to be great. I don't use removal firms every month, but the service was completed nicely, and the team did a great job. The crew was polite, I noticed that they
F. Smith
I wanted to write a review for Strong Move Removal Company after providing myself and my family such outstanding service during our house move in London. They are always on time. T
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Summer holidays

So, you’ve got a couple of years ahead to complete your studies in the capital and feel uneasy about renting in the summer when you go back to your hometown. Then, Strong Move can come to your assistance and place all your belongings into storage, instead of dragging them along with you. Your possessions will be safe and sound for as long as you need them stored. Just notify us when and where you wish them re-delivered and we’ll do the rest. Note that you can get a quote for a European removals service if you are an exchange student and plan on going back home for the summer.

Short-term storage

Strong Move provides short-term student storage solutions, as well. They might be suitable, for instance, if you’re not leaving the city during the holidays but you want to change accommodations. So, until you find the right flat or the right roommate to take on a new place with, we can store your possessions in the meantime securely and without breaking the bank. The last thing you’d want is to fill your friends’ house with your stuff when they’ve kindly let you use their sofa until you get sorted. You can even book an end of tenancy cleaning service and we’ll help you get your full deposit back.

Moving to a small place

We can also store your stuff if you can’t fit it in your new rented apartment. This may be because it’s much smaller than the previous one. Or you rented initially an unfurnished flat and the new one has everything you need. Whatever your specific case is, we’ll help you store your extra bits and pieces, short-term or long-term, until you figure out what you want to do with them. If that’s the case, you can also take advantage of our student removal service so that we can aid you through the moving process.

Strong Move covers all areas of Greater London within the M25.

Going back home for the summer? You can use our storage service instead of paying rent for leaving your belongings. Everything you leave in the storage containers will be sealed and monitored with CCTV cameras and security personnel for the entire summer.

You can have peace of mind that your items will be waiting for you to come back! Get in touch with us on 020 3746 2535, via our chat or contact form, and we’ll get back to you with a budget-friendly quote!

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Frequently asked questions

What's the minimum term?

We can store your belongings for as short as one week.

How much does storage cost?

The price largely depends on the size of your items and the duration you need them stored. You need to give us a call or contact us for a quote.

How will I know my items haven't been accessed?

Our service team will secure your container with a security seal when your items are placed into storage. Our storage manager will retain this number and regularly check on the containers to ensure no seals have been replaced without prior knowledge or warning.