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Is your London home lacking a piano to complete the ideal design? Or do you own a piano that you wish to sell to make space for something else? Strong Move can help you. Whichever your case is, call us for a quote for piano removals. The quote is free, regardless of whether you need it as a separate service or if it’s a part of your home removals job.

Pianos are not something anyone can handle because of their value, their weight and the fact that it is extremely hard to disassemble them and put them back together again, if it’s even possible to do so.

Do not risk moving it on your own! You can hurt yourself or damage the piano. So, instead of feeling stressed out while waiting, as it takes a much-needed space in your living room, you can call us, and we’ll move, load, and store the instrument securely for as long as you need to.

Even if you need to move your piano within your property. And rest assured this task will be handled with the utmost care for your precious musical instrument and your property.

  • NEXT-DAY APPOINTMENTS – Subject to availability, but next & same-day slots are possible.
  • STRESS-FREE – Leave the heavy lifting to the professional movers.
  • COMPETITIVE PRICES – Your budget is safe with our piano removal service.

Moving your piano within the same property

The skilled removalists at Strong Move know exactly how to move your piano without damaging your flooring or, worse, the instrument itself. They’ve got the experience and the tools to transfer it in one piece from one room to another. The specialists will consider the type of floor you have (carpeted, tile, hardwood), as well as any other aspects of the moving job, such as the size of your doors vs that of the instrument, the presence of steps, door threshold sills, etc.

Transporting your piano to a new address

Whether you’re moving houses and your piano is coming with you, or you’ve just sold it and it needs to be moved and delivered to the buyer’s address, Strong Move will send a crew of strong and experienced fellows to help you out. They’ll treat the instrument with the utmost care during the handling, moving, loading and unloading process. Your precious item will be fully covered by comprehensive insurance during transportation, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Moving your piano into temporary storage

So, your kids have outgrown their passion for playing the piano, and now, it just sits in your dining room and collects dust? And you could do with the extra space, right? Strong Move can store the instrument until you figure out who to give it to or find a buyer. We’ll move it for you and load it securely into a right-sized van. Then, your piano will be carefully unloaded and placed into a damp-free container in a CCTV-protected storage space in London.

Naturally, if you’re moving houses and have a piano, the latter will be loaded and transported as part of a removals service. But due to our expertise in moving bulky and valuable items and professional musical instruments, you can rest assured that your piano will be handled with extra care and up to your utmost satisfaction. Moreover, you don’t need to be relocated to request our assistance. That’s right, you may wish to move the piano only, be it because it’s changing hands or because you’d like it moved from one room to another. Whatever your needs, Strong Move London experts will help you.

And last but not least, you can always combine more than one service with us and, say, book our moving assistance to place your piano into a temporary storage facility. This may be because you wish to sell it, but potential buyers are just not making that call in a hurry.

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Great removals service! The guys worked very hard and professional, the whole movement was a piece of a pie for them, although there were 2 different places for picking up some ite
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I got a new wardrobe from IKEA, which I hoped to assemble myself. Well, it turned out I couldn't manage it. As I used them before for some removals, I remembered they do assembly t
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I booked with Strong Move and had a nice cup of tea as I gave out the instructions and watched the lads dexterously pack and load everything. The whole load arrived intact, the pri
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The movers came with a van, just big enough for all of our stuff. We were not the most accessible customers, and there was a certain amount of disagreement, but in the end, Strong
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A load of furniture was quite extensive, and it took the team several hours just to it all up on the truck. Of course, they also made sure our things were packed safely for the tri
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Strong Move’s area coverage covers all of Greater London within the M25.

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Frequently asked questions

What types of pianos do you move?

We can help you with moving upright pianos as well as electric ones.

How will you move my piano to a new location?

In most cases, we send three men with a Luton van (for its ramp), as moving a piano is a difficult task that requires a great deal of effort and care.

Can you help with more specialised moves?

Yes! We can organise specialised moves for upright-piano moves, American fridges, safes, fish tanks, pool tables, statues, Marble tables, etc.