Moving Boxes and Packing Materials for Safe and Hassle-free Moving in London

moving boxes

After successfully completing thousands of home removals services, we figured out some of our customers prefer a less stressful way to move their home, office, and commercial premises.

Removal boxes and packing materials for moving house are essential before a relocation as everything has to be perfectly protected. Worry no more about the preparation for your move and take advantage of our box delivery service in London that covers everything from start to finish.

By hiring Strong Move to do the job, you gain full control over the packing process and arrangement of the move and you save much time by not having to pack and sort your items on your own. In addition to this, if some items deserve attention to detail and special care, we will make sure to pack them in accordance with your unique preferences.

Our Company Gives You Even More Benefits

  • Flexible work schedule; We can handle your office relocation with ease;
  • Fixed prices, discounts and special offers;
  • Swift and secure transportation anywhere in London;
  • Overnight removals – we are able to move anything from your property even after 7 p.m. This way, you don’t waste precious time and energy during the day;
  • Full safety guarantee of the boxes if you book packing services with us.
  • New and undamaged removal boxes are safer and much more durable;
  • Our moving boxes and packing supplies are fully reusable;
  • For some jobs we have to arrange for a video survey to be as precise as possible when we are giving you the quote. This is the easiest form of property survey and you can do it with your smartphone whenever you are at home. No need to take a day off work.

Cardboard Boxes and Packing Materials We Offer

For your house move, we offer you a variety of materials and boxes. Empty cardboard boxes of any size, covers in a different size, packing paper, bubble wrap – we have it all and will deliver it to your home in order to pack your items quickly, efficiently, and at affordable rates.

Our primary moving box sizes are medium, large, and wardrobe boxes. They cover all your packing needs for small, medium-sized, and bigger items, such as oversized items or furniture. The primary moving box sizes we offer are as follows:

  • Medium box - 36 x 36 x 36 cm (14 inch). Suitable for smaller household items, toys, and smaller appliances.
  • Large moving box - 46 x 46 x 36 cm (18 inch). Perfect for lightweight items, such as electronics, pillows, clothing, lamps, etc.
  • Wardrobe box - 51 x 49 x 125 cm (holds between 20-30 hangars). Very good for longer, large-sized clothing. Equipped with metal hanging bar, this box allows everything inside to stay on hangers.

The moving blankets that we will supply you with will be fit for most furniture and appliances that are usually being relocated during a move and come in 6 different sizes:

  • Single mattress cover (218 x 102 x 36 cm);
  • Double mattress cover (221 x 137 x 36 cm);
  • King size mattress cover (229 x 193 x 36 cm);
  • Armchair covers (183 x 137 cm);
  • 3-Seater sofa cover (274 x 137 cm);
  • 4-Seater sofa cover (305 x 137 cm).

Additional packing materials for moving house:

  • Bubble wrap (30 x 50 cm);
  • White packing paper pack (100 sheets);
  • Anti-static bubble bags (1m x 1m).

How to Get Your House Moving Boxes and Packing Materials Delivered

  1. Get in touch with one of our sales agents and give a precise description of what needs to be moved.
  2. Our sales representative will give you an estimate number of the cardboard moving boxes and amount of packing materials that will be required, based on the amount and type of items for your relocation.
  3. You will only pay for what you will use. In case we deliver more boxes for moving than necessary, we will take them back and you will not be charged unless they are damaged.
  4. A quote based on your needs will be provided by our sales representatives.
  5. The removals team will deliver the packing goods and moving boxes at your property and will park the van at a parking slot, previously arranged by you.
  6. The specialists will unload the packing supplies and help you out with the entire packing process.

Strong Move is the company many Londoners turn to for help with their various moving jobs. But we offer much more. You can book our professional movers to help you through a relocation outside of the UK. And last but not least, we can help you to arrange a storage space for your items for a period of time of your choice.

*** Please, keep in mind that the minimum quantity of boxes we can deliver is 15 unless we do the packing and removal. We also cannot provide insurance for belongings packed by customers. ***