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Man and Van Near You

Moving to a new home can be an exciting and stressful experience. One of the most important tasks during a move is finding a reliable and affordable man and van service. A man and van service can save you time and effort by transporting your belongings to your new home. Here are some tips on how to find a man and van near you:

Start with a Google search: The internet is a great resource for finding local services.…

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Moving With Pets – How to Make the Move Less Stressful

You’ve found a new beautiful house in a lovely neighbourhood close to a good school and workplace, but you are also a pet owner, and on top of all relocation-related tasks, you need to consider not stressing your beloved pet along the way. Every minor disturbance in a pet’s environment can make it anxious. Pets don’t understand concepts like house moving, and many of them, especially those whose owners are often away from home, are prone to develop a fear of abandonment.…

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How to Move a Mattress

hot to move a mattress

When it comes time to move to a new place, you must be prepared for the many challenges ahead, even more so if you plan to move on your own. When you start moving furniture and personal belongings out of the bedroom, you will need to find a safe and convenient way to move the mattress as well.

Moving a mattress doesn’t take much time, but you will undoubtedly need strength and good preparation.…

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How to Defrost a Freezer Before Moving


When the time for moving comes, at one point, you’ll have to pack the kitchen and move the appliances. One place to start can be the fridge freezer. Moving can be a tough and heavy job. Not only because you’ll need help to move it, but fridges are actually very delicate and dealing with them incorrectly can cause a lot of damage.…

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How to Pack up a Bedroom


Packing up the bedroom is one of the most stressful steps in moving. Starting with smaller items like clothing, bed linens and photos is recommended. Then there are bigger ones like mattresses, bed frames and drawers that can take most of your time.  The room has to be packed with many personal items in the bedroom. …

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How to Choose a Moving Out Date?

checklist for moving out

Moving from one home to another is not an easy process to plan and do. One of the main things you should decide as soon as you start to plan your relocation is the moving out date. 

That being said, choosing the best day to move house may not be as simple as it sounds. There are many factors to consider when you’re making such an important step in your life.…

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How to Deal With Moving Anxiety

cardboard boxes for home removals

Moving house is a challenge no one can escape; unfortunately, it’s quite often related to causing moving anxiety. Whether you want to change the place where you live or the time for the family to buy a new home has come, everything has to be packed and transported to the new destination.…

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Low-Stress Decluttering Tips for Low-Cost House Moving

clutter board

If you’ve thought, “I need to declutter the house”, but never actually came through with it, moving your house is the ideal time to get it done. You have to examine your belongings anyway and get them out of their places, nooks and crannies. …

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How to Pack a Suitcase: 10+ Tips for Space-Saving Packing

packing electronics

Packing shouldn’t be a stressful thing to do. Regardless of what you’re packing – a suitcase for a holiday weekend, a long break, for a work trip or moving house, it should be associated with positive events or near-future adventures.

That’s why we’ll present you with a long list of packing suitcase tips for travelling or any other packing you might need to do in your life. …

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Storing Furniture: Tips for Long-Term Storage and Preservation

storing big furniture - sofa

Storing furniture doesn’t seem complicated unless you have to do it. Then you start thinking and planning ways to put away your furnishings the right way. First comes the question – “Which storage service should I choose?”, “How long do I need to put away my stuff?”, “Do I need to put everything away?”

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