Ways to Re-Use Cardboard Moving Boxes

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We've been accumulating cardboard boxes for a while now. As with the growing number of online purchases, we have to find ways to re-use these boxes. While you have the recycling bin and the recycling centre that accept boxes, there are ways to use them to help the environment.

In the past, thick papers were used as something like cardboard boxes. By the end of the 19th century, the popularity of contemporary cardboard boxes grew rapidly. People started transforming the shape of the material according to their needs. 

Cardboard paper is widely used in the packaging industry because it is cost-effective, does not lose its shape, it's sturdy, and can be moulded easily. These mechanical attributes, such as foldability, rigidity, and impact resistance, have made it much better in all aspects. 

Recycling cardboard can save many natural and important resources from getting wasted in large amounts. This demonstrates the incredible power of recycling and saving natural resources.

If you have any moving cardboard boxes left after you and your family moved to a new house, consider what you will do with them after you settled in. There are many ways to reuse cardboard boxes, and here are some DIY tips.

DIY Ways to Re-Use Cardboard Moving Boxes

If you recently moved or had done too much online shopping and are left with a large pile of cardboard boxes/cartons at the corner of your room, recycling or reusing them in creative DYI ways is the best option of using them effectively. 

Cardboard doesn't lose its usefulness once the snacks are gone and packages have been opened. Therefore, we have brought to you some interesting DIY cardboard propositions that are easy and can be done using moving boxes after a successful domestic removals service:

Put the Cardboard box Into Practical Use

Stylish Storage Box - One of the best uses of cardboard boxes is using them as storage boxes. They can be painted in various colours and can be used as per your requirements. You can turn them into a file holder storage box, a storage bag with handles on both sides or as a pot for plants with some embellishments.

Sun rays car protector - Moving boxes can be used to protect from sun rays entering your car through the window. Cover the front window and keep the car from getting too hot in the summer. 

Coasters - If you have some good thick cardboard, you can create some handsome coasters made out of it. 

DIY cat scratching post - Why not use an empty cardboard box if your cat needs a scratching post? You can make one out of corrugated cardboard, and it will be as sturdy as those in pet shops. Your cat will love it, and your furniture will appreciate you saving it.

Reuse Cardboard Boxes for Decorating

 Use the moving boxes so you can decorate your home or shop. Some interesting artefacts can be made using DIY methods, corrugated cardboard boxes, craft paper, and colours. Try them out and see if you can make your decor better.

 Wall Art - Using thick cardboard and crafting them into different beautiful shapes that can be mounted on a wall with or without utility. Such pieces of wall art can bring life to your room. If you’re good at drawing, paint on them and have chic pictures on your walls.

 Tags - By using thin cardboard paper, beautiful gift tags or labels can be created. A creative way to send your messages or label your storage box and stuff. If you’re more creative or a DIY expert, you can turn them into playing cards for friends and family. Another idea is to turn them into drawer separators, as well.

Creative frames - To make a beautiful picture frame, all that is needed is a used cardboard box, a pair of scissors, and colours. Moving boxes being brown in colour and rough in texture can easily absorb colours. Play around with them and create some store-bought looking frames, but unique. 

Party decoration - No need for party stores or speciality craft stores. Use a cardboard tube to make great DIY garlands that are perfect for decorating with paint and strings. They are also inexpensive for what they deliver.

Turn a Cardboard Box Into a Kids Toy

The strong cardboard boxes can be cut into different shapes and sizes, and beautiful coloured toys can be made out of them for children to play with. You can make DIY puzzles, castles or let kids use them as huge canvases. Let your imagination guide you, but here are some ideas just in case:

Cut the cardboard into many different shapes - maybe a fish, a tree or an ice cream. From there, the fun part begins. Let the children paint them any way they want. Get some leaves from the forest, glue them to the tree shapes with the kids. There are many more ideas. Use repurposed cardboard boxes, cut a come and paint different flavour balls, creating the perfect ice cream. Make the best DIY Christmas tree from the pile of cardboard moving boxes.

Cardboard Castle - The repurposed cardboard can be used by the little ones for playtime. There are many ways to use boxes and cardboard tubes: making a fort and castles to constructing spaceships and their own store. Providing the aid of crayons, markers, and/or chalk will help them create their very own fun worlds.

Cardboard costumes - Turn your children into knights, astronauts or their favourite video game character. Craft the old cardboard into the best Halloween costume.

Build it into a Play Kitchen - Make any cardboard furniture you want. Make a full kitchen if you have enough boxes. If you have some cereal boxes left from your trip to the grocery store, use them as accessories. The best thing for your daughter can be a dollhouse made from cardboard.

There are many ideas on how we can be reusing a cardboard box. You can create numerous utility products using such hacks. The more creative souls can think of other uses for cardboard boxes, depending on their needs. 

Cardboard is majorly used as a packing material, and these materials are essential in every industry. Whether it is a retail business, food business or manufacturing industry, the packaging is an essential requirement. These packaging materials protect the material from being supplied from potential damage keeping the product safe and secure.

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Reducing waste will not only help the environment to remain clean but also save energy. 

Go through your boxes and select the most sturdy ones. Use them for long term storage. Even if you don't use them, maybe your friends or relatives may need a box or two for packing. Or maybe after you moved into your new place, give them off for free to your new neighbours. Find the best ways to recycle the cardboard moving boxes.



Recycling had become such a ubiquitous part of modern society that it is now hard to remember the time when all materials were disposed of in the same bin. But, apart from recycling, another most important thing to do is to think of ways to reduce your waste.

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