7 Golden Rules for Successful Yard Sale Before Moving Out

yard sale

Did you find tons of items you don't need any more while packing and decluttering for your house moving? If the answer is “Yes” (and we are sure it is) you can think of making a Yard or Garage sale. After getting rid of all the stuff you don't need you will feel the double benefits of the Yard sale – some extra cash and fewer expenses on the house removal. But how to make a successful Yard sale? Just follow our tips.

1. Decide if you need a yard sale

Sometimes it's better to sell your items on e-bay or donate them instead of making a garage sale. So, first you need to ask yourself a few questions to be sure the Yard sale is the best thing to do:

  • Do you have the time to organize a yard sale?
  • Are you certain you will manage to sell your stuff?
  • Is your house in a good place for such sale (is your yard or garage big enough, are there enough neighbours around, is it accessible easy for cars and people on foot)?

Keep in mind that if you'll be moving long-distance, getting rid of most household items will help you save money on the packing and relocation. See our helpful tips for packing for a long-distance move.

2. First steps in preparing the Yard sale

It's important to decide what kind of items you want to sell. If you have any item you didn't use for like 5 years – what is the possibility to use it in the future? Take the chance to declutter your life before your move. If you are planning to replace some items with new ones – now it's the best time to sell the old ones.

  • Make a list with all the items you want to sell. Have in mind, that you may add more at a later point.
  • Add to the list any furniture you won’t use in your new home. It’s a win-win situation – more extra cash to spend and less expenses for the moving. Transporting the old furniture such as sofas and beds is much easier with the help of a professional furniture delivery service that will take it away from your property and will deliver it either to a charity or for sale.

3. Decide what exactly to sell

Don't forget – if something is useless for someone – it could be a treasure for someone else! If you think something is garbage and you plan to throw it away – don't. Try to sell it first, putting a minimum price for it. We'll list below the best selling items:

  • Kitchen appliances (small and big ones);
  • Audio and media products;
  • Baby furniture, toys and accessories (be sure they are in perfect condition. You don’t want to hurt someone’s baby for a crack in your baby chair that you didn’t see);
  • Books;
  • Jars;
  • Fishing equipment;
  • Houseware;
  • Toys, games, bikes, etc…;
  • Lamps, mirrors, pictures;
  • Gardening tools;
  • Musical instruments;
  • Plants (Have in mind also, that most of the London removals companies don’t allow transportation of plants. It will be better if you sell your plants and buy some new ones for your new home. Don’t forget to change the pots you love with basic plastic ones before you sell the plants.);
  • Rugs;
  • Sports equipment and accessories.


4. Determine the Selling Price

When you determine the selling price you must remember one important thing – it doesn't matter how expensive and valuable is an item for you. It's important how valuable it is for your buyers. Better ask some friends what they think about the prices than deciding by yourself. This way you will give the most reasonable and correct sum.

  • If we must give you starting standard – used item in good condition is about 20% of the price you got it.
  • It’s even lower with books and clothes;
  • Leave a price gap for bargains with the eventual buyer;
  • If some of the stuff you sell is not working – don’t forget to mention that to the buyer, instead of just giving low price;
  • While you sell – make a list with the sold items. That way you can keep a track of everything and eventually lower the prices of the unsold stuff;
  • Be honest with yourself when looking at your stuff – some items are valuable for everybody while some – not so much. Try to offer and sell the most. A great tip is to combine a more valuable item with not so much one and sell them as a set.

5. Attract the buyers of your items

You must act as a dealer while you offer your belongings. Do it in an attractive and engaging way. Presentation is important to sell all of your items fast and easy.

  • Wash, flatten and fold/hang your clothes;
  • Arrange the items you will sell on tables and shelves, in an organized and nice-looking way;
  • You can make a “map” or diagram showing the location of the different objects in your yard or garage, so they are easy to find by your buyers;
  • Try to arrange everything to look like a store;
  • If you are doing a double yard sale with your neighbour – be sure you know where are your items and where are his.
  • Clean and polish all kitchen appliances and utensils;
  • Clear all glasses and plates.
  • Bottom line – try to make all of your belongings look like brand new!

6. Promote your yard sale

  • Use distinctive signs, balloons and flags. Place them high, so they are visible from afar;
  • Promote your garage sale on the Internet – use forums and communities of your neighbourhood, post classifieds, etc…
  • Pin some listings in the neighbourhood.

7. Be cautious

Be aware that such sales are not only visited by friends and neighbours who want to buy something, but also by some unscrupulous people. Follow these tips to assure yourself it will all go perfectly:

  • Place two friends on post in the yard sale, so they can look after the sale;
  • If your yard is big enough – it’s better if you arrange all of your belongings there instead of the garage;
  • Keep all the money you get in you;
  • Lock the front door and all the windows in your house.

These tips must be more than enough for you to run a great Yard sale. If there are some items that you didn't sold you can think about donating them.

Furthermore, getting engaged in a yard sale will keep your mind busy and prevent getting severe moving anxiety.

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