To Move or Not to Move – That Is the Question!

to move or not to move

Moving home is like an elaborate game of chess – one slight miscalculation is all it takes to lose your king to a pawn. And if your tactic involves charging forward and praying that your life will somehow turn out for the better, then take another look at your chessboard. Because the question still stands – should you move or not?

To get the most out of your London house removal or even somewhere else, you need to approach the problem Sun Tzu style. In other words, you absolutely need to know all the challenges that you're about to face and how to overcome them. So, wipe your dusty balance scales and join us as we weigh the pros and cons of this life-changing decision.

Change Your Address - Reasons to Move Out

1. Cut Your Everyday Costs

Living in a neighbourhood whose rental, property, and everyday costs are on the rise? Then you should definitely consider transferring to a different region or to a new city altogether. If you play your cards right, you can potentially reduce your outgoings by half while keeping the same income rate! Before deciding whether to move, however, you'll need to do a bit of research first. For example, if you choose an area that is closer to a large city, such as London, it's likely that the affordable prices you see now will go up in just a couple of years. Also, have a quick glance at other secondary expenses, such as utilities, food, and transportation. Keeping that in mind is the easiest way to avoid getting stuck in a financial rut.

2. Bigger = Better

Sure, your cosy, small house offered you everything you needed when you were still single. But now that you're married, own a dog and two cats, and are possibly expecting kids, things are starting to feel a bit cramped. So, don't be surprised if the question “Should I move house?” starts repeating in your mind like a broken record player. If you and your significant other both feel that you need more breathing room and you've got some money to spare, then getting a bigger house is clearly the best move. Yes, prices can get a bit steep, but the returns are surely worth the investment – your family members will no longer have to jump over one another when they need to get across the hallway, your pets will feel more relaxed, and you won't have to play a game of Tetris each time you buy new furniture. Read a few tips on how to move with cats and relocate with dogs.

3. Be Close to Your Significant Other - the Main Factor When Deciding Whether to Move

You've recently graduated from college and are eager to put your knowledge to the test, while your other half has just received an enticing job offer in a nearby city. Suddenly, an important question hits you like a ton of bricks – should I move away with my boyfriend? If you're happy with your relationship and want to take things one step further, then this is the perfect opportunity to do so! Admittedly, you'll have lots of work ahead of you – deciding how much space you'll need, what to keep (your boyfriend's Xbox library) and what to toss away (a bunch of fashion journals), and whether you can both pay your share of the rent can get pretty stressful. Ultimately, “Should I move away with him” is a dilemma that involves lots of planning, compromises, and money. But come up with the right solution and you're in for a treat!


4. Take Your Career to the Next Level - Another Reason for Moving

According to a recent study, finding a job that's both secure and exciting is among the leading reasons for moving house. And why wouldn't it be? After all, you're given the thrilling opportunity to learn new skills, explore new surroundings and, in the best-case scenario – do what you love the most. Oh, and you'll get a bigger paycheck, too! As always, before you jump on the hype train and relocate for work, you'll need to do some digging. For instance, you need to check the credibility of your employers, such as financial data, employee reviews, and other factors. If everything is good to go, your family is on board with the idea, and your employer even offers you to cover your relocation costs, then you've got yourself a risk worth taking.
It is not rare that people have to move to another country for work. Strong Move can help you with your European house removal when you want to pursue your career.

Stay at Home - Reasons to Stay Put

1. Relocation Costs Are Steep

Unless you're part of a nomadic tribe, this fresh new start is usually going to cost you. Buying your ridiculously expensive house is just the first step. On top of that, you'll also need to pay an average of £8000 (£20000 if you move to London!) to cover the mortgage, estate agent, stamp duty, and other fees. And if you don't want your friends to accidentally shatter your wife's favourite wall mirror (or God forbid, the plasma TV), you'll also want to hire professional movers in London. Granted, you can save some rainy day funds by moving the clothes and cutlery yourself or by finally getting rid of your ancient furniture. However, our point still stands – although you can organise a yard sale before moving out, relocation can become quite taxing on your wallet, especially if you don't have a good reason to do so.

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2. You'll Have to Make Sacrifices

Sure, big promotion and sizeable house sound great. But that may come at the expense of leaving your favourite yacht club where you love to unwind after a stressful week at work. Or maybe you'll need to travel to the neighbouring town each time you wish to visit an IKEA, Tesco, or other supply chains. Your new neighbourhood may also top the crime rate charts. Or you might even be offered to relocate overseas for your job. So, the next time you ask yourself “Should I move away?”, you'll need to know exactly what you're getting from your exchange. After all, you're not doing this for the social status – you're taking a leap of faith so that you and your family could live a happy and comfortable life together. And sometimes, it doesn't hurt to keep your old nest warm for just a tad longer.

3. Your Children Will Ask How and Why to Move Away

If you have children, especially teenagers, then you know just how vocal and emotional they can get when you try to change even the smallest thing in their routine. How to move away then, when you know that a full-scale move out can potentially have a devastating emotional effect on your offspring? Don't forget that you're essentially asking them to leave their childhood friends, their local school, or perhaps even a love interest behind. If you have toddlers or preschoolers, you'll need to set some extra time aside to answer their questions as clearly and truthfully as possible, to explain that all those boxes are just a temporary thing, and to sport a cheerful attitude to hide your own anxiety from your children's eyes. Even then, they could still feel uneasy and frightened about the move, which could lead to deep emotional trauma. Take your time to think things through – perhaps it's best to postpone your move by a year or two.

4. Moving Home Means Leaving Friends and Family Behind

It's no secret that moving out is perhaps one of the most stressful events you can experience, especially when you're on your own. It's a feat that doesn't simply involve the physical stress of picking up more boxes that you can actually carry. Or the wave of anxiety that overruns you as you watch your bank balance vanish. No, the hardest part comes when you need to put hundreds of miles between you and your closest friends and relatives. Sure, the all-powerful Internet will always be at your disposal, but it alone is not enough to cure your homesickness. And if you haven't done your homework and checked whether your new town harbours interesting social clubs and activities, you're bound to feel unhappy even if you have the most engaging and rewarding job this world can offer. So, the next time you wonder “Should I move away from home”, you should already have a well-thought-out plan in motion. If you have made your decision to move, it is recommended that you organise a housewarming party at your new place to meet your neighbours and create some friends. More from our blog:

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A Few Final Words on the Dilemma 'To Move or Not to Move'

When deciding to move or not to move, you should always be honest with yourself and with those you care about. Do you switch homes in hopes of increasing your income, to have a change of scenery, or to simply make an upgrade? Once you set yourself a clear goal, the mist of uncertainty will dissipate to reveal the steep road ahead of you. But before you decide to start your journey, ask yourself this – will the final destination bring you joy, or only anxiety and intimidating debts? If you're certain it's the former, then keep on walking and make your effort count!

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