How to Pack Your Shoes When Moving

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No matter how many pairs of shoes you have, all should be packed very well and safe during a move. Wondering how to pack your shoes when moving? Don’t, this guide provides thorough information on anything you need to know about packing shoes - from the process of wrapping them with paper to details on how they should be placed inside your bags without damaging or scuffing them.

The benefits of packing your shoes properly while on the move are:

  • You save space in your bags
  • Your shoes will be transported safely
  • Comfort - well-packed shoes in a backpack won’t hurt your back
  • Saving costs from paying for packing services
  • Easy unpacking - everything is placed in perfect order

Pay attention to the details below and follow each step and advice carefully to ensure proper shoes packing and transportation.

How to Pack Shoes in a Suitcase

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Some ultimate tips for packing shoes in a suitcase are suggested below. Further in the guide, we explain how to pack boots in a suitcase in particular as this type of shoe requires some special attention to detail. Otherwise, there is a risk of ruining the boots. Before getting to this part, read some general tips first.

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50+ packing tips for your house move.

Make a Good Selection

Take what you need, not more and not less than the optimum. Packing more pairs of shoes than necessary will turn into a burden. To avoid this, carefully calculate how many pairs of shoes you will need during or after the move.

Instead of taking multiple numbers of the same type, go for diversity and get a pair of each type of shoes you feel most comfortable in. You can also take the time to declutter your closet and shoe collection to make space for new ones. This will provide you with the option to always wear appropriate shoes according to the occasion. Don't forget to choose the best day of the week to move.

Get some Travel Accessories for Shoes

  • Shoe Keepers

Keeping the footwear in shape, dry and free of odour is a must. It takes not so much effort, simply arms yourself with shoe keepers also known as boot trees. This small but genius device keeps your shoes in good shape and prevents them from getting stepped or fattened. The uppers of a shoe usually weaken in time because of excessive wear. When using boot trees, you easily solve this issue. Always make sure you have a pair of shoe keepers in your luggage while on the move. You will avoid costly shoe repairs because of wrinkles and tears on the shoes.

  • Insoles for Shoes

Always buy shoes with replaceable shoe insoles. See how to choose the right insole. Otherwise, once they become torn, you will hardly replace them. Not just for comfort but also because of medical purposes, proper shoes insoles are always recommended. We advise getting this shoe accessory with you while on the move. Different weather conditions may require changing the insoles for maximum comfort. In addition to this, contemporary insoles provide protection from bacteria and fungus, which is a great way to not be concerned about health issues while on the move. Natural leather is known to become damaged by microorganisms, which can be stopped by placing insoles of good quality as long as they are replaceable for your particular shoes.

How to Pack Boots in a Suitcase

  • Clean your boots carefully before packing

Never leave dirty shoes in your luggage. They will be mixed with your clothes and no matter how well you’ve packed them, there is still a chance of destroying your recently washed clothes. Washed shoes are easiest for transportation as they don’t have an odour as well. This means the rest of the items in your bags will not get any unpleasant smell.

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  • Stuff Your Boots With Other Items

It’s simply a clever move. Fill them with anything: socks, underwear, small electronic devices, makeup or anything else that will fit in. You will benefit from optimizing your space and not dispersing small stuff all around your luggage, leave no space.

  • Place important pairs of boots on top

If you’re planning to use your boots soon after setting off, don’t put them in the bottom of your suitcase. Instead, leave them on top so you can quickly take them out when the moment comes. This may save you a lot of hustle while on the move and time is of the essence.

How to Pack Heels?

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If you have heels that match only with an item of particular clothing this means the effort of packing and transporting them is not worth it. The best option, in this case, is to filter such heels and take pairs of shoes which fit with a bigger range of clothing.

  • Stuff you heels

Similar to the suggestion given above about packing boots. Although heels can’t hold that many items as boots, it’s still a good idea to use the space inside the shoe as storage. Tall boots with heels are the perfect shoe for stuffing with jewellery, batteries and anything else you may need while moving. Make sure that clothing is placed firmly around the boots. This protects both - the items inside and the boots.

  • Make the most of the free space

А technique many uses to fill their suitcases is to put anything else inside first until 100% of the free space is taken. When there is only just enough space for your shoe, put them on top and make sure that the space for your luggage is perfectly optimized. Putting the pairs of shoes first will create a lot of free space that will not be filled later. To avoid this, use items such as clothing until all the space inside your bags is air-free.

How to Pack Heels in a Box?

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  1. Find the shoes’ cardboard box. If you don’t keep the original one, take a look at this guide on how to make a cardboard box. Use the same technique, just make a box big enough for your shoes.
  2. Stuff your heels with packing paper to prevent scuffing.
  3. If your heels are boots, stuff the entire shaft of the boot.
  4. Wrap the heels with packing paper entirely.
  5. Use tape to fix the ends of the paper.
  6. Place the shoes in the box and put packing paper on top to protect them from pressure on the top.
  7. Tape and label the box

Take a look at this video that explains the shows the same technique for packing heels in a box:

How to Pack Heels in a Backpack?

Packing heels in a backpack properly is essential if you want to maintain a decent centre of gravity while wearing the backpack. At the same time, the shoes should be protected from scuffing and the rest of the luggage should remain undamaged by the heels. See how to load a backpack properly.

To achieve this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Place the shoes closer to your back - somewhere in the middle of the backpack.
  2. Pack all clothes around the shoes. This will give you a comfortable feeling - the shoes won’t rub your back.
  3. Make sure the shoes are stuffed with a soft material such as paper or cloth
  4. Interlock your shoes, so they take less space. This means putting them inside the backpack the way they came in the box when you bought them. The right shoe’s toe should be placed above the left shoe’s opening.
  5. If your heels are just too heavy for wearing them in the backpack, simply wear them on your feet. Doing so may require giving transporting the backpack in a vehicle or letting someone else wear it.

How to Pack Jordans in a Suitcase?


  1. Start by cleaning your sneakers. If your sneakers are made of nylon, leather or synthetic material, it’s recommended to use a soft fabric to clean your sneaker. Don’t use any special cleaning agent, just water is enough to wipe off the dirt from your sneakers.
  2. Fill the toes part of the sneakers. Do it with newspaper or any other similar type of filling material. This way you’ll preserve the brand new shape of your favourite shoes. It’s also possible to use socks as a replacement for the paper.
  3. Make them easy to find. You may end up in a situation where you’ll have to take your sneakers out quickly. To find them easier in your luggage use a bag with a distinctive colour that you’ve used only once - for your sneakers.
  4. Get some accessories

Shoelaces often tear and if this happens after or during the move, you might get disappointed. Get some spare of these and don’t forget any additional shoe accessories such as a shoe deodorizer. Sneakers make your feet sweaty, especially in the summer. Having a deodorizer will provide you with the comfort of not having smelly feet.

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