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How to Cancel Council Tax When Moving House in the UK

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Last Update: 20.05.2021

As if house moving is not stressful enough, you have to deal with council tax too! Your to-do list is long enough, and further tasks keep showing up. This should be your top priority. Informing your local authorities about the move will save you money in the long run.

The reality is that if you are an adult who isn’t covered by tax relief, you have to pay your council a tax.…

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Best Day of the Week to Move – Moving House With Less Stress

moving out date

It’s tough to determine what the best day of the week to move is. This depends on things that are too specific for each person, couple, or family. Yet, there is data that gives some insight into what people tend to do when they have to move house.…

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Moving to London’s West End and Have the Cash to Splash?

red telephone cabin in London

West End is the beating heart of London City, where history and culture from all around the globe collide in this relatively compact area and create one exceptionally vibrant world.…

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How to Pack Your Shoes When Moving

nike sneakers

No matter how many pairs of shoes you have, all should be packed very well and safe during a move. Wondering how to pack your shoes when moving? Don’t. This guide provides thorough information on anything you need to know about packing shoes – from the process of wrapping them with paper to details on how they should be placed inside your bags without damaging or scuffing them.…

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How to Start a Man and Van Business – All You Need to Know

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Starting a man and van business turns out to be a perfect opportunity for UK citizens who want to start their own career quick and make a stable profit out of it.

There is a solid demand for this service that is constantly increasing for many reasons:

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How to Pack for a Long-Distance Move

Last Update 05.09.2018

cardboard boxes

Packing for a long-distance move might be a very tedious task, but only if done without any guidance. The whole move requires a lot of time, effort and finances, which may be easy to minimise if you follow simple guides on how to pack for a long-distance move, just like this one. Don’t forget to also take in mind the best day of the week to move.…

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50+ Packing Tips for Moving House

Updated: 16.10.2019

50 packing tips for moving

How to Pack Your House Items Efficiently?

Whether you’re looking for packing tips as part of your meticulous moving research, which you’ve started months ahead, or it’s a last-minute chance to rest your back because you decided you could do it all on your own, below, you will find the best packing tips on how to prepare the entire house for the move.…

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To Move or Not to Move – That Is the Question!

to move or not to move

Moving home is like an elaborate game of chess – one slight miscalculation is all it takes to lose your king to a pawn. And if your tactic involves charging forward and praying that your life will somehow turn out for the better, then take another look at your chessboard. Because the question still stands – should you move or not?…

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How to Move House with a Cat – A Guide for Moving With Cats

kitty in a box

Updated: 31.01.2020

For many people, change is something that they eagerly look forward to. But mention that word to any cat in the known universe, and you’re likely to get an aggravated hiss in response. Why? Because these animals love the predictability of daily routine to the point where a single missed meal is more than enough to upset them.…

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How to Unpack After Moving to a New House

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Last Update: 18.02.2022

Few things are more annoying than unpacking and arranging everything at your new place. Especially if you pack, move and unpack often. However, if you plan the unpacking and go after it, you can be sure that the process will be significantly shorter and less irritating. Therefore, if you want to make the unpacking as quick and hassle-free as possible, read the following eight tips for the best way to unpack after a move! Before…

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