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Moving to Switzerland

Switzerland mountains

Moving to Switzerland from the UK is not a new trend. Switzerland attracts people from various countries with its picturesque landscapes, cleanliness, to-die-for chocolate. Additionally, the crime rate in the country is low. It’s a small country but with rich culture and organized people.

The country is also known for its high living standards and stable economy.…

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Moving to Spain

moving to Spain

Spain is an enticing destination for many Brittons when they decide to leave their homeland and relocate. Spain offers an abundance of warm and sunny days, unlike the grim British weather. So it’s not a surprise that many people choose to move to a warmer environment. …

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How to Choose a Moving Out Date?

checklist for moving out

Moving from one home to another is not an easy process to plan and do. One of the main things you should decide as soon as you start to plan your relocation is the moving out date. 

That being said, choosing the best day to move house may not be as simple as it sounds. There are many factors to consider when you’re making such an important step in your life.…

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Moving to Birmingham

moving to Birmingham

Image by Sharon VanderKaay; Licence: CC BY 2.0 If you’re considering moving to Birmingham, then this post is for you. Sometimes moving to another city is an option, sometimes it’s not. There are many reasons why people move cross-cities. Usually, it’s for work, for university, for a new beginning, to escape from something or someone, for a loved one, for financial reasons, etc.…

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Moving to France From the UK

Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile

Photo by Les Anderson on Unsplash

– Moving to Paris? – Mais, oui! Brits moving to France from the UK is common in recent years. With numbers somewhere between 170,000 and 400,000, the preferred destinations are Paris and the southern rural areas in the country.… read me

How to Plan Your Office Move Stress-Free?

moving office stress-free

Planning an office move? Worry not, as we’ve prepared this exhaustive article to help you organise the process in a stress-free manner.…

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Office Move Checklist

minimalist office desk

For such a demanding job, organization and attention to details are extremely important. Being a removals company, who also happens to have done an office move and know the golden rules for a successful office move planning.

We’ve also compiled a comprehensive office move checklist for a no-stress relocation.…

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How Long Does it Take to Buy a House?

uk house

The process of buying a house in the UK can last anywhere between 3 and 6 months. And that’s if you’re lucky and there are no additional delays along the way. If any obstacles appear, such as the property having a long chain or gazumping/gazundering*, it might take longer.

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Country Life vs City Life

city life vs country life

Last Update: 31.03.2022

There’s been a world-old debate about which is better – city life or country life. Everyone feels comfortable in a certain environment. Some prefer to live in the capital of their country, and others rather live in smaller cities. Some people can only live in the countryside and would feel terrible in a crowded city.…

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Moving House With a Dog – All You Need to Know


Moving house is not stressful just for you. Your dog will be as twice stressed as you, even if it’s the calmest dog in the world. And we are talking about the whole process – from the beginning with the packing to the end in your new home. Don’t take our word for granted. Check out that real and funny story by Allie Brosh.…

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