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List of Things to Consider When Moving to London: Costs, Tips, Questions and Answers.

Moving to London. The costs. The pros & the cons

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We already talked about moving OUT of the UK now it’s time to talk about moving TO London. The capital has over 8 million people, which makes it a city full of possibilities and options for people of all ages. It’s not an accident that millions of people choose to live there. Most citizens were not even born in the UK but have chosen to move and remain there.…

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5 Golden Rules for Better Office Removals Planning

work desk

Relocating your company is always a significant investment in time and money. You should never underestimate the resources and the time an office removal process can take. That’s why planning the move is a vital part on which you should focus. Luckily we could help you – just follow these rules to help your move go as smoothly as possible.…

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Leaving The UK To Live Abroad: What You Need To Know And Do

Big Ben & red bus in London
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Storing Furniture: Tips for Long-Term Storage and Preservation

storing big furniture - sofa

Storing furniture doesn’t seem like a complicated job at all… unless you have to do it. Then you start thinking and planning ways to put away your furnishings the right way. First, come the questions – “Which storage service should I choose?”, “How long do I need to put away my stuff?”,

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How to Store Clothes: Long-Term and Short-Term?

walk-in closet

Proper storage of any kind of items consists of the proper packing, arranging in the storage area, and in the environment. For example, is there moisture, is it windy, is it hot and dry, do rodents or bugs have easy access to the items, is there a danger of floor.…

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Mattress Storage: How to Prepare and How to Store a Mattress Correctly


Good sleep begins with your mattress. Having a proper mattress will help your body relax and help you get a good restful sleep. Not enough sleep or lack thereof can cause many health problems, psychological problems, anxiety, depression, etc.…

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University Checklist: What to Take and Preparations to Move

university library

Are you excited about this new chapter of your life? Have you been working hard all year to get the grades, to take all exams with the highest scores? Did you get accepted to your dream university? Great for you, and Congratulations!

Your work isn’t over yet…

Moving to university is not only exciting and liberating but also responsible and requires a lot of self-control.…

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How to Cancel Council Tax When Moving House in the UK

five british pounds

Last Update: 20.05.2021

As if house moving is not stressful enough, you have to deal with council tax too! Your to-do list is long enough, and further tasks keep showing up. This should be your top priority. Informing your local authorities about the move will save you money in the long run.

The reality is that if you are an adult who isn’t covered by tax relief, you have to pay your council a tax.…

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Best Day of the Week to Move – Moving House With Less Stress

moving out date

It’s tough to determine what the best day of the week to move is. This depends on things that are too specific for each person, couple, or family. Yet, there is data that gives some insight into what people tend to do when they have to move house.…

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Moving to London’s West End and Have the Cash to Splash?

red telephone cabin in London

West End is the beating heart of London City, where history and culture from all around the globe collide in this relatively compact area and create one exceptionally vibrant world.…

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