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Living in Stoke Newington

uk house

In the past, Stoke Newington used to be one of the bad areas in London, where you wouldn’t spend your free time. But after the nineties, when all the restaurants, boutiques and delis started popping up, living in Stoke Newington became prefered over other areas in North London. Stokie (the informal name for Stoke Newington) is generally recognized as the N16 postcode area, although N16 also includes Stamford Hill and Shacklewell).…

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How to Pack Plates and Glasses for Moving

plates and dishes ready to be packed for house moving

One of the most fragile items you’ll need to pack during a move is your dishes and glasses. If they are not packed properly – it’s easy to crack or even completely broke them even if you handle them with the greatest care.
You don’t need to worry about that though, follow our step-by-step guide, and you’ll learn how to pack plates for moving and any other flatware like a pro.…

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How to Pack Knives for Moving or Shipping

packing knives

Header image credit: Mahalo.com / CC 3.0 Licence

The kitchen is one of the most frustrating and difficult rooms in the house to pack for moving. There are many items you must pack carefully, so you don’t break them, especially all the small appliances – microwaves, blenders, toasters, coffee machines, etc… On the other hand, you have all the plates, mugs, cups and glassware.…

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How to Pack Like a Pro – Moving Packing Tips

packing tips and tricks

DIY Packing is a time-consuming option, but it will save you some expenses on your house removal if you are on a tight budget. You can achieve great results in the packing by yourself if you follow our tips and advice for the process. Follow our instructions closely to be sure that you packed everything perfectly.…

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7 Golden Rules for Successful Yard Sale Before Moving Out

yard sale

Did you find tons of items you don’t need any more while packing and decluttering for your house moving? If the answer is “Yes” (and we are sure it is), you can think of making a Yard or Garage sale. After getting rid of all the stuff you don’t need, you will feel the double benefits of the Yard sale – some extra cash and fewer expenses on the house removal.…

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7 Great Tips for Your Housewarming Party

party table with wine and dishes

Moving into another home is often full of stress, frustration and a lot of work. You finished packing up, moving, unpacking and settling. You have done the hard and exhausting relocation task. Now you deserve to have one great housewarming party! Gather your friends, family and your new neighbours for celebration.…

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